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Timely Local Announcements & Emergency Alert Notices

  • SavingsSites provides all local nonprofit organizations, clubs, business and fraternal org's, PTA's, schools, and your municipality to FREELY post information 24/7 to keep you up to date as to what is going on a very local basis.
  • Your municipality and school system can FREELY utilize our service to post emergency alerts to their residents and parents which will immediately cause phones to ring so you can then read their emergency alert.

Quick & Easy Savings -- Your Phone is your Directory & Coupon

  • All your favorite local businesses with savings offers conveniently organized by category---- AND with the ability to further speed future searches by adding your favorite businesses to your phone apps "favorites".
  • We have organized SavingsSites phone app interface into the 3 categories.
  • FOOD--Quick and Direct Access because you eat every day!
  • PRODUCTS & SERVICES: All your professionals and contractors all listed within just 2 quick and convenient levels of main and sub categories. There's none of that nonsense of many levels of deep searches!

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