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  • At no cost we will promote your daily, weekly, and monthly specials and supply you with added valuable benefits.
  • This new unique community service benefits residents, businesses, nonprofits, schools, and municipal/county governments.
  • We already have over 90% of the opted-in email addresses for every home and business in your area. All we are asking for is to simply help promote this incredible community program to help local nonprofits with a poster.

Grocery Specials!

See daily, weekly, monthly specials from local grocery stores:

More Benefits!

  • Free Valuable Data! We own the largest data business in the USA with over 500 million opted-in email data records and 146 million employee business databases. Our database of residents has over 200 socio-economic criteria for each resident. Use the data to enhance your loyalty card data. For example, email your Jewish customers about specials for Jewish holidays.
  • Free Daily New Movers Data Feed: Getting to the new movers before they go to your competition is extremely important. Our service enables us to obtain the cell phone text number and email address of the new movers. There are new mover services that charge up to $1.00 per data record and do not give you access to the new mover for up to a month after moving in!
  • Microsoft Emailing $6 per 300,000. As a Microsoft partner we have developed incredible emailing software that enables emailing through Microsoft 365 highly deliverable IP addresses, so email gets into the inbox. Only you will have access to your customer data. Inferior email services like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp charge $550 per month for only 300,000 emails.

If you also want us to promote specific deals at no cost like the restaurants, professionals, and contractors, you may do that also. Example of how that works:

Ariake Sushi

Deals Value:
pay Business:
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  • How it works
  • Restaurants, professionals, and contractors donate a small number of deals to support local nonprofits!
  • Those businesses get paid directly by customers!
  • Residents choose their favorite nonprofit. Residents then pay the directory publisher to access their deal and then the residents present the deal to those businesses. The publisher shares the residents deal purchase with the residents chosen nonprofit. Everyone wins!

Massive Marketing Blitz

  • Nonprofits actively email its members! All the PTAs are being contacted.You know every parent will buy deals to help their own children!
  • Municipalities are given free emailing that promotes the directory. All government emails are auto posted to the website to generate traffic!
  • Activities and Events are freely posted by schools, nonprofits, and municipalities to generate huge traffic to the directory.
  • Restaurants can freely post live entertainment, DJ, Karaoke, and more!
  • Residents are compensated $8 out of deal access fee to simply refer new registrations that buy a deal. So, a massive number of residents go crazy emailing and posting their $8 referrer link to friends on social media, which promotes the directory!
  • The Deals page is integrated with all social media for easy sharing!
  • Nonprofits actively email its members! Go buy deals! Save by Giving!
  • Supermarkets actively promote the directory! They place huge 4 x 8 posters in the entry and exit, because we promote their specials at no cost and freely give them other very valuable benefits.
  • Please take part in this great program! Local nonprofits really need your support

Your store has NO COST to obtain massive promotion by the municipality, schools, nonprofits, businesses, and residents, all of which are compensated to promote the new community directory. To obtain everything at no cost, we simply would like your store to promote our new community directory, as it supports our community substantially.

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    and Entertainment
  • We simply want your store to continue being a very valuable community business partner! Your store receives tens of thousands in value and all we want is for you to buy a paper poster and put it in a place where everyone will see it.
  • Please contact me for more information.
  • Thank you!