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    Go to https://savingssites.com/ and enter you zip code and you’ll be directed to your local Savings Sites Directory. It’s one source for Savings & Events. Signup in your local savings directory.
  • 1. Residents: Get quick and easy access to non-expiring digital deals from a huge number of local businesses. Also, you can freely search for all the fun things to do.
  • 2. Businesses: There is lots of deals to choose from because businesses get free promotion of deals, that they donate to help nonprofits.
  • 3. Nonprofits: Easy fundraiser as the nonprofits simply email its members and tell them to save money and choose their nonprofit to benefit.
  • 4. Municipal and County Governments: Email general and emergency alerts with no taxpayer money used. It’s done with their partner Microsoft in a way that protects governments from being forced under the OPEN PUBLIC RECORDS ACT to disclose residents email addresses to anyone!