"Savings Circulars" gives you Quick Website Access to the Current Weekly/Monthly
Deals from many of our Grocery, Big Box and other Stores!

Our Local Organizations Benefit

Add New Members!

Free Promotion of Activities & Events!

Simple Fundraiser that Saves Members Money!

Consolidated Filtered Events in the Palm of your Hand!

Our Calendar Consolidates Events from Municipality, Schools and Local Organizations Events!

Organizations can create interest groups categories. Example: Second Grade Boys Soccer.

Residents can register for the created interest group categories, and only see calendar events based upon their indicated interests!

Residents can then import their interested filtered events directly to their phones!

Business Benefits

Free Promotion of Your Offers! Promoted by Municipality, Schools, and Local Orgs!

Free opted-in Emailing/Texting. 90% of homes already in!

Huge Savings from Local Businesses!

Timely and Targeted Info and Events!

Supports Your Favorite Organization!

We Help Municipality Protect Your Data!