The goal with this mushroom pot pie was to create a new holiday tradition. I’m southern, and nothing says Thanksgiving like pie, but they’re usually sweet pies. This works as both a meat free Thanksgiving main for those in need of a turkey stand in, but works just as well as a sumptuous side for the classic bird lovers. I wanted to create a recipe that would please everyone. And this, friends, is IT. Made extra creamy by a  milk & Camembert sauce, this is magic food. I can imagine this golden pie steaming on the table of some hobbit home carved out of the trunk of a 1,000 year old tree in a mossy forest populated by fantastical flora and fauna, faeries and all manner of magical beasts. Mr. Tumnus would make this for you if you dropped by. Okay, maybe I just got carried away. But the point remains: this vegetarian mushroom pot pie is true feast day food worthy of any holiday table. So, without further ado, meet your new favorite tradition. Trust me.

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