Inspiring the next generation of girls in tech: A pre-publication of ‘Project Prep’

We’re glad to share a pre-publication of Project Prep, an initiative of Inspiring Fifty, a non-profit that aims to increase diversity in tech by making role models more visible. The book is a joint effort of serial technology entrepreneur Janneke Niessen and best-selling children’s author Niki Smit, with illustrations by famed artist Josselin Bijl. Project Prep is a novel about the wonders of working in tech, aimed at girls and young women, a cause we completely support.

According to Niessen, “Project Prep tells the story of four 13 year old girls as they begin to discover new worlds: technology, entrepreneurship and learning how to code. It is a story about technology but also friendship, love, fashion, NY and all other things in the life of a 13 year old. The girls come across all the challenges, setbacks and successes any technology entrepreneur faces. But most importantly they discover how magical working in technology can be—that amazing feeling that comes from seeing an idea become a reality, something you can actually use and that is impacting other people’s lives for the better.”

The authors are currently crowdfunding the book on publisher platform Unbound, and were friendly enough to share the first chapter here on TNW

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