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Reduce Municipal Costs, Improve Communications,
Protect Residents Data, Promote Local Orgs/Businesses!

We protect the municipality from being forced to disclose
residents Emails & Cell Text Data due to OPRA/FOIA Laws!
  • We have notified the municipality that all departments can login and use our service 24/7, to enhance resident communications and safety and protect the municipality from forced disclosure of resident's email addresses and cell phone text data.
  • By law the municipality is subjected to residential data disclosure laws (OPRA, FOIA, Sunshine) if the municipality gathered resident's data. Savings Sites has already collected about 90% of every home, opted-in email address/text-which is not sold! Because the municipality uses our data and our servers, but does not take possession of the data, this insulates the municipality from forced disclosure of resident's data.
  • The municipality (police, fire, recycling, recreation, etc.) can target information based upon the interest profiles of residents. Example: Recreation can email parents of 5th and 6th grade, Boys, that are interested in Soccer.

Quick and Easy Local Business Savings
Timely, Targeted Local Events

Short Notice Alert Program (SNAP) 

Save money without cutting, collecting, organizing, coupons, or being bombarded with emails for offers you don't want and are out of your area.

Simply click the SNAP graphic in the header of each business Ad and set SNAP savings filters to meet your availability and discount required! You choose which businesses you want offers from.

You decide if you wish to filter your offers by days of the week and times of the day you are available to use the offers; and you decide the minimum discount that you require to get through your SNAP savings filters!

Now Smart Speaker
& Phone Enabled

Deals Filtered by Your
Desired Discount & Availability!

Businesses must meet all your "savings filters" for Savings Sites to email you their short notice offers, and you can even set different savings filters for each business! Example: You love Mike's restaurant, so you set it for 7 days, seated as late as 8:00pm, 20% minimum discount required. You like Joe's restaurant, too, but it's further away so you set it only for Saturdays, seated by 6:00pm, 35% minimum. Not just restaurants! Carpets need cleaning? Open your Short Notice Alert Program filters for carpet cleaners, and get huge discounts to fill their schedules. After your carpet gets cleaned, just turn off all emails from carpet cleaners!

Searching for Offers is Fast & Easy

  1. Search for all restaurants for Reservations
  2. By Saved Favorites
  3. Search Alpha A-Z
  4. By Business Category
  5. Directly by business name

Just click "Add Favorite" to make Business a favorite.

and when you come back just hit My Favorite Businesses and see only your favorite.

SNAP Dining-It's like OPEN TABLE but so much better. Simultaneously search for all restaurants for reservations. Every hour of operation has a different discount percentage. You have the option of using your SNAP SAVINGS FILTERS to modify search results!

All Bidders Save & Support Favorite Orgs.
Buying Bidding Credits
and Bidding is Optional!

Claim Discounted Digital
Cash Certificate and
Use it with Business Now!

Ms. USA Explains Peekaboo

  1. Freely and anonymously sit back and watch live Question & Answer Webinars from Local Professionals and Contractors! If you can't make the live webinar watch recently recorded webinars.

    Group Tutoring as low as 25 Cents Per Hour!

  2. Classes are live and taught by professionals and recorded. Having your child go online and learn "for free" on their own is not the same as a live teacher.
  3. At this price tutoring doesn't only have to be for students having problems. Have your child take "next years" math class "this year" so it's a breeze.
  4. Essential classes like coding are not available in most elementary and high schools.
  5. Your Parent Teachers Association may subsidize or even cover the cost.
  1. Full of robust features LOCAL BLOG system. Enjoy talking with neighbors!
  2. Home Decorating, Politics, Food, Health & Nutrition, Fashion, Sports Talk, Financial Advice, etc.
  3. Are you an expert in your industry and want to reach local market? Contact Us!
  1. Free Resident Membership & Free for Businesses to Post Huge Group Deal.
  2. Members buy at the special member price.
  3. Members can also get a free no obligations quote to lease at the member price, as our extensive network of leasing companies competes for members business.
  4. If members don't qualify for lease the HGD service enables buyers to qualify by simultaneously reducing the member price balance and enhancing the members credit score.
  5. Anyone can use our leasing network on their own personal deal.
  6. Currently the lessors will handle leasing from $500 to $5 million.
  7. Read the About Page for full details.
  1. Classifieds service, filled with great features, that is so much better than Craig's List.
  2. All the typical categories you find in the town newspaper you will find here, and more. Also, more Ad content is allowed and for a longer time!

Manufacturers Coupons!

  1. Choose from hundreds of favorites and since they are manufacturers coupons they are good at any store.

Savings Circulars

  1. "Savings Circulars" is a drop down for quick and easy 1 click access to all the online weekly and monthly current savings offers for local Grocery Stores, Big Box, Department Stores, Malls, etc.

Local Targeted Information Consolidated, All in One Place

  1. Your email/ text data is protected from Municipal forced disclosure laws, plus Businesses and Local Organizations do not receive your data, nor is it sold.
  2. Your "interests profile" filters information from the municipality, schools and local organizations. You only see only calendar events posted by (municipality, schools, and orgs), that meet your "interests profile"! The consolidated filtered events can then flow right to your phone. Our website site "adapts" to any viewing device, from small phone to large monitor, and looks like a phone app without downloading an app!

Promote Events, Easy Fundraiser, Gain Members!

  1. Easy Fundraiser: Simply email your members and tell them to go buy local businesses deeply discounted, non-expiring, cash certificates! Members save money and your org gets a generous share of the businesses pay for results advertising fee! The Org Director has a spreadsheet showing which members directed the money to your Org! Go save money! Easiest fundraiser ever!
  2. Your org also has the option of selling ---right on our sites organization panel----Peekaboo Auction peeking credits, with up to a 70% margin, and we then rebate your members the minimum credits needed for each cash certificate purchase!
  3. Gain New Members! When potential members go to the Organization section, it shows all local orgs, so now people have quick access to learn about your org and become a member.
  4. Freely Email/Text: Freely promote your events/activities by email and texts with unlimited "interest group" categories.
  5. Freely use Calendar: Create unlimited calendar categories to promote events/activities.
  6. No costs! No Commitments! All Benefits!

Pay for Results Advertising
Loaded with Free Valuable Benefits

  1. Free Unlimited Emailing/Texting:
    1. Our servers will send your Short Notice Alert Program (SNAP) Offers.
    2. You know the number of recipients based upon residents opted in SNAP Filters.
    3. Prior to your offer being emailed/texted you can modify your offer to increase or decrease number of recipients. You may reduce the discount offered if you believe there are more than adequate number of recipients to fill the tables. You can always email later to fill the balance of tables if your first email did not fill the tables--It's free!!!
  1. Free Advertising of Your Offers! Residents pay a claiming fee to the Directory Publisher to claim your discounted cash certificate and continue paying your business directly by whatever form of payment you accept. The claiming fee is shared with Organizations of resident's choice. You have the option of providing peeking credits to residents at the time of purchase. When residents provide your business with the cash certificate ID number you simply enter the ID number on your phone/tablet and automatically credits are transferred to the residents account. You can give as low as 1% of the cash certificate redemption value to buy credits and these credits then lead to future sales.
  2. You decide how many cash certificates you want to sell and set all the conditions.
  3. No time or volume commitments.
  4. You also help local orgs raise money and pay for municipal and org updates.
  5. The real discount you provide, is much less than the total discount offered due to purchases made above the redemption value, and your average sale is increased as people will want to use the redemption value.

Daily Feed of your "Targeted" New Movers are "Auto Merged" into your "Saved Sales Letter!"

Call or Mail before Competition!

Plus More Benefits...

  • Free Unlimited Emailing of Your Offers!
  • Free Searching by Zip, Home Values, Renters, +
  • Free Creation of "Personalized Mail Merged" Letters!
  • Free Integration of "Ringless" Voice Mail Messages!
  • Free Mobile Friendly Website - You're Solo Featured!
  • Free Online Ordering!
  • Free Dining Reservations!
  • Free Promotion of Your Ad by Municipality & Local ORGS!
  • Plus, Many More Benefits!

Menu Maker & Online Ordering

Menu Maker Benefits:

  • Menu maker is the ultimate 24/7/365 user-friendly service that eliminates the need to find and pay a coder or website designer every time you want to change your menu.
  • Menu view will automatically adapt to any viewing devices (phone, tablets, laptop, huge desktop monitors).
  • Solo Featured: Your Ad and menu receive a unique website address in which only your menu is featured.

Online Ordering:

  • Reduce time on phone, improve accuracy, and build free unlimited emailing list.
  • Our menu maker enables you to freely create the online ordering menu or get a price quote from us to data enter your online ordering menu.
  • Cost: The customer incentive to use online ordering is the free acquisition of credits towards claiming cash certificates---which leads to future business. The restaurant wholesale cost to give these credits to customers is substantially less than customers normal retail cost, so it is a substantial incentive:
FREE Credits for Peekaboo Deeply Discounted, Non-Expiring, Digital Cash Certificates are Awarded with your Order!
Range Free Credits Business Cost Customer Value
under $20 2 $0.30 $1.00
$20-$30 3 $0.45 $1.50
$30-$40 4 $0.60 $2.00
$40-$50 5 $0.75 $2.50
$50-$60 6 $1.00 $3.00
$60-$70 7 $1.05 $3.50
$70-$80 8 $1.20 $4.00
$80-$90 9 $1.35 $4.50
$90-$100 10 $1.50 $5.00
$100-$150 20 $3.00 $10.00
over $150 30 $4.50 $15.00
  1. Free Online Reservations/Scheduling: (SNAP Dining for Restaurants) and Online Appointment calendar system for Non-Restaurants.


    • SNAP Dining reservations FREELY enables you to consolidate reservations from phone calls, walk-ins, and all 3rd reservation services (Open Table, YELP, etc.), into one consolidated view!
    • Download our free windows software into as many tablets/PC's as you like.
    • From your tablet/PC you can simultaneously update "consolidated central reservations" on our server, and on your tablet/PC.
    • Waiting list functionality
    • Notes Section e.g. (Have 1-year old need high chair)
    • No Hardware or Software to Buy
    • Tablets can also be used to add residents email addresses to your free SNAP emailing service.
    • No commitment--Month to Month
    • You select discount percentages, for each hour of operation, and you can easily and instantly modify at any time. The minimum discount is only 5%! There is a percentage for each hour already in there by default--- you modify it as you wish before you go live to the public.

    On Demand Delivery

    • Driver called out sick? Sudden huge number of deliveries? You need an on-demand back-up plan! Use drivers that know the area when you need them! If you see the drivers are good drivers, this gives you the opportunity to offer working just for your restaurant!
    • Then again, Snap Dining Delivery makes managing delivery so quick and easy you may use 3rd party drivers all the time!
  1. HUGE Group Deals! Free Advertising! Free to Make Offers on HUGE Group Deals!: Free to post a HUGE Group Deal! We help you sell your deal and help members get a competitive lease with our huge leasing company network. We help customers that can't qualify for a lease by improving their credit score. You get paid upfront non-recourse. See the About Page of HUGE Group Deals for details.
  1. Educational Webinars: Conduct live Question & Answer Webinars, and we list recent recordings!
  2. Pay per participant and the cost is much less expensive, with much better-quality participants, than renting hotels to do seminars.
  3. Eliminate people seeking free coffee, desserts, dinners, etc.
  4. Eliminate people asking dumb questions wasting everyone's time.
  5. Smart people don't disclose, in open seminars, their personal information, but they will be happy to have their good questions answered via chat. You receive the registration of every participant, so you can personally talk with them.
  6. See the about page of Educational Webinars for many more benefits!

Feature Rich Display Ads

  • Display ad is the entire width of the monitor.
  • Unique website address that directly accesses your display ad, with no other businesses displayed.
  • Unlimited photos, videos, menus, MapQuest directions, and more.
  • We use viewing responsive design, so it "adapts" to all visitors viewing devices, from small phones to tablets to laptops to huge monitors. It looks like a phone app without needing to download an app!