Publishers (also referred to as directory owners / zone owners) will own the zip codes chosen on an exclusive basis. Publishers are required to service their exclusive residential market. Publishers may sell businesses outside their territory if the business desires to advertise to the Publishers exclusive residential territory.

Publishers have the right to resell their directory and may own a website domain name in which Publisher may brand in the marketplace and redirect that name to its directory URL.

Publisher controls all cash and sets all pricing and is obligated to create its own sales material. Publisher cannot bind Tips Marketing Services, Corp to any 3rd party contractual obligations. The fixed monthly fee Publishers pay is for website hosting and use of business and residential data. You will be provided with the data upfront.

SavingsSites will continue to upgrade the servers and upgrade the program to remain competitive with other advertising options in the marketplace. All questions regarding the Directory platform will be responded to as quick as possible—typically within the same day.

There is no contractual obligation for Publishers to continue. Publisher can attempt to resell the directory and Publisher will keep 100% of whatever the directory is sold for.

Therefore, this prohibits SavingsSItes from selling the same zip codes to someone else. This is a value that is not refundable. There cannot be a claim for a refund as long as Publisher has exclusive territory as there is no defect to exclusivity. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON!!! Publisher is paying strictly for hosting. Any email marketing data or emailer software supplied has no warranty as to email deliverability or functionality. The Publisher is welcome to go out and buy data to market and buy email software. Publisher must agree and understand that the territory is being provided on an exclusive basis.

All email data that Savings Sites provides from is co-reg opted-in data in accordance with federal CAN-SPAM laws. Publisher will be able to open the csv file and verify that all elements of the data records are there to adhere to CAN-SPAM laws. Additionally, as per TERMS OF SERVICE that also is explicit that there are NO REFUNDS!!! Once email data is provided it is nonrefundable. In SavingsSItes case the payments made are not for they email data in the first place—it is strictly for monthly hosting.

There is no guarantee that the Publisher will make any profits. The publisher is fully responsible for driving revenue, by marketing. The Publisher will use a PayPal account to receive revenue from the public and from businesses. The publisher can quit at any time and compete with Savings Sites immediately, but if they do the residential data provided at no cost cannot be used.

Because publishers are paying for hosting on a monthly basis but are freely receiving email data, that is worth many times more than hosting costs; SavingsSites has seeded the email list. This ensures that the list is not used if the Publisher decides to no longer pay for monthly hosting. The seeded residential email list contains many emails that go to only SavingsSItes office. This alerts SavingsSites if the Publisher is continuing to use the list after terminating monthly hosting.

Any attempt to request a refund of hosting that costs time to reply to such a claim will be billed at $500 per hour. Publisher agrees that any legal remedy will take place in the State of NJ.

Publisher agrees that there may be temporary internet or server malfunctions and that does not warrant a refund unless the outage is over 1 month. Then in that case the Publisher will not be billed for 1 month.