Publishers (also referred to as directory owners / zone owners) will own the zip codes chosen on an exclusive basis. Publishers are required to service their exclusive residential market. Publishers may sell businesses outside their territory if the business desires to advertise to the Publishers exclusive residential territory. Publishers have the right to resell their directory and may own a website domain name in which Publisher may brand in the marketplace and redirect that name to its savingssites directory. Publisher controls all cash and sets all pricing and is obligated to create its own sales material. Publisher cannot bind Tips Marketing Services, Corp to any 3rd party contractual obligations. The fixed monthly fee Publishers pay is for website hosting and use of business and residential data. There is no contractual obligation for Publishers to continue. They can pay the final month and we will take over the directory and attempt to put someone in there to run it. There is absolutely no refund for monthly hosting. There is no guarantee that the Publisher will make any profits.